Wednesday, 16 May 2012

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We The Green Party of India Invite your Attention to this letter from Smt.Janet Alty (previously national spokes person  Warwick & Leamington Green Party)
Dear GPI
I visit India twice a year to work on our charity school in Fatehabad District, Haryana : with a link (needs updating).  I’ve been looking for the budding of a GreenParty of India for all the years I’ve been visiting (since 2005) ;-))

I am urgently seeking help to support the campaign of the farmers and landless peasants who are about to be taken over for a new nuclear power station.  Do you have any members in Fatehabad District?  The campaign against this power station is lead by “Comrade” Harpal Singh and other members of the Communist Party of India.  By now he is used to me telling him that he really needs to take on the Green Agenda, not just the socialist / communist agenda.  But be that as it may, the important job just now is to help the campaign.  I’m doing what I can now that I’m back in the UK, but it wd be really really helpful if there was someone who is internet savvy in Haryana and willing to help the communication.  Below is an email I’ve been circulating to those who might help.

I very much look forward to hearing from you...

Good wishes for all your endeavours.
Janet Alty
Warwick & Leamington Green Party (previously national spokes person...)

I visited the site of the Gurakhpur proposed nuclear power station with some of the campaigners and their leader, Comrade Harpal Singh who is a personal friend of Mota’s.  If you want to put the UK new nuclear situation into perspective, have a quick canter thro about the development of nuclear power in India.  It is grim indeed.
The one I am interested in is on their list as :Kumharia or Gorakhpur in Haryana is earmarked for four indigenous 700 MWe PHWR units and the AEC had approved the state's proposal for a 2800 MWe nuclear power plant. The inland northern state of Haryana is one of the country's most industrialized and has a demand of 8900 MWe, but currently generates less than 2000 MWe and imports 4000 MWe. The village of Kumharia is in Fatehabad district and the plant may be paid for by the state government or the Haryana Power Generation Corp. NPCIL says it has initiated pre-project activities here, with groundbreaking planned for 2012.

I have good photos of both the land, the Himalayan melt water supply from the Bhakra Dam (and we all know that Himalayan glacial melt water has a very limited future) and the farmers and the landless peasants whose livelihoods will be destroyed by this venture.  And India needs all the rich crop growing farm land it can keep in production otherwise yet more millions will be on the starvation list...

Cd you put it about that I am urgently seeking help for those farmers and landless peasants whose farmland is going to be destroyed for this new nuclear power station 3 km of land in diameter, and probably more.  Offers if assistance will be very gratefully received.  If anyone can suggest where I might get this published : Guardian Comment is Free, perhaps??


  1. GPI, What about Kudankulam (Tamilnad)

  2. "If you haven't any charity in your heart you have the worst kind of heart trouble" to cure it
    Help people, let's unite for one good cause, be a volunteer"save lives"!